With my own two hands
A blue-white guinomi I made surrounded by some of my favourite tea utensils. - Photo by Gianfranco Chicco

With my own two hands

Gianfranco Chicco

Workweeks have been pretty intense so I spent the weekend recharging. I finally picked up the pots and cups I made over the last couple of months at Tokobo Pottery. They are raw and unrefined, even ugly. But you know what? Tea and coffee taste better in them just because of the pleasure I took in shaping each one with my own hands. ⁣

This blue and white guinomi came better than expected. Here it’s surrounded by some of my favourite tea utensils, old and new. The tea is a Summer Miaoli Oolong from Taiwan by Postcard Teas. The indigo kyusu (teapot) is by Shinya Take of the collective Kasama Potters, the gong dao bei (fairness jug) is by the Peng family (also via Postcard Teas), the copper chazutzu (tea caddy) is by Kaikado, and the tea scoop is by Mihai Teascoops.⁣

The cookbook is “Cooking With Scorsese”, a brilliant new publication by HATO Press and the little 3D printed fox, aka “Von Quintiero” was a gift by Monita.⁣

I can change the world
With my own two hands
Make a better place
With my own two hands
Make a kinder place
Oh, with my
Oh, with my own two hands
- With My Own Two Hands, Ben Harper, 2003