Heartful Hiroshima at night

I was about to publish a serious post on Hiroshima’s A-bomb dome and have a draft guide on Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish market since the beginning of the month, but tonight’s dinner has changed my mood for good so I’ll post about it. I arrived to Hiroshima today, after a short Shinkansen trip from Osaka. It […]

Muji is bigger here… (in Japan)

I had to come to Japan to be immersed completely in the Muji experience, one of my lovemarks. Muji is already a well known global brand and  the typical anecdote is that it’s name comes from “Mujirushi Ryōhin” (無印良品) meaning “No Brand Quality Goods” (check out the Wikipedia article). From their website: “The Company’s basic […]

Food in Japanese Kombinis cries “grab me!”

Japanese Kombinis, from the english “convenience store”, are small everything-you-might-ever-ever-need shops spread all around Japan (more than 40.000 according to Japan Guide) and usually open 24hs. There are many of them, 7 eleven, AM/PM, Sunkus, Family Mart, Heart-in, Lawson (my fav) and often you find several in the same block. I read somewhere (can’t find […]

A mysterious woman, the attraction of a photo

Two weeks ago I was (photo)walking around Aoyama, Tokyo, when I encountered a strange pile of garbage on the sidewalk. It was probably a Mac Performa’s box that first called my attention (I later found that the box was not empty!) and as I rapidly glanced through the stuff I saw some odd things for […]

Task of the week…

I often read Rob Brezny’s horoscope in L’Internazionale, a great italian magazine covering the most important news and articles from media of all the world. Each Friday, L’Internazionale publishes Rob’s horoscope for each sign of the zodiac plus the “task of the week” for all. This is the one for this week: Compiti per tutti: […]

Tokyo vs Shanghai – first impressions

Don’t expect some serious philosophical or sociological analysis here! This is just a brief report of the first impressions I have after being for a bit more than two weeks in Tokyo and a similar time spent in Shanghai some years ago. I know that chinese and japanese cultures and societies are very different. I […]

The myth says that Tokyo’s metro is difficult to use…

…nothing so far from reality! I cannot claim to be an expert already in Tokyo’s metro, as I’ve been here for just a couple of days. But I remember some comments about how difficult it was to use. Maybe because I have used metro subways in more than a dozen countries (including Shanghai, Beijing, New […]