Gian’s City Guide: London

Now that the good weather season is about to start (as I write these lines a heavy rainstorm hits the skylights in my top floor flat) and friends from all over the world will begin asking about my favourite places in London to eat, drink, shop, and play, I decided to put down a shareable [...]

Why Craftsmanship

I wrote this as an intro to Issue 014 of The Craftsman Newsletter. When asked about my interest in craftsmanship, it’s often presumed that I’m some sort of luddite opposed to new technology, or a frivolous bon vivant. Besides a hint of the latter in my appreciation of good things, it’s something else that I'm [...]

Kanjiro Kawai’s House: Celebrating the Life of a Shokunin

During my last trip to Kyoto I serendipitously came to Kanjiro Kawai's house in the Gojō-zaka neighbourhood. Kawai (1890-1966) was a prominent potter and one of the driving forces, together with philosopher Sōetsu Yanagi and fellow potter Shōji Hamada, behind the Mingei or Folks-Craft Movement in Japan. Fire in my hand,A cold ball of fire,Fire [...]

Velocitize Interview on Storytelling, Great Digital Work, and Personal Vs. Personalised Experiences

Back in November 2018 I sat down with Andy North from Velocitize, a publication by WP Engine that shares strategic insights on digital experiences to marketers and agency folk, to discuss marketing trends and how brands can approach the constant evolution of how we converse and tell stories online. Some trends, such as voice, transcend [...]