The Story Behind A Tweet

October 13, 2012

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During the 2012 edition of the PICNIC Festival in Amsterdam, a video team from GNR8 – a group of media students from the Netherlands – made a series of videos called “Story behind the tweet”. The goal was to interview some speakers and participants that had tweeted using the event’s hashtag to tell the story behind those short 140-character messages.

GNR8 picked the following message I tweeted during PICNIC:

My story: I used to live in Amsterdam (I was the marketing manager at PICNIC until the end of 2010) and now that I was back in town for just a few days, I wanted to reconnect – in person – with many of my friends and acquaintances, several of whom were attending the event too.

Often, naysayers complain that we are all too connected online (on social networks, etc) but we are disconnecting from each other in the physical world. On the contrary, I find that digital tools like Twitter allow me to make more meaningful connections in person than I could do before, like I successfully did during this trip to Amsterdam.

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