My Online Presence Is [Mostly] Somewhere Else

November 6, 2011

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I haven’t  been updating the content in this blog for a while, but worry not… my online presence is alive and kicking… just happening mostly somewhere else.

My main [public] online hangouts are the following:

  • I write quite often on my blog for conference organizers Conference Basics
  • I post about things (gadgets, accessories, food) I see and I like on
  • I tweet at @gchicco
  • I do Facebook and Google+
  • My professional profile is on LinkedIn and I sometimes update a personal profile on
  • My photos tend to go to several different places now though I still use Flickr as a general repository. Otherwise you can follow me on Instagram (my username is gchicco)

I guess (actually, I know) I’m present in several other online services too, but those above should suffice if you want to stalk or interact with me.

See ya around

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