My photo of Larry Lessig in Remix (Italian ed.)

September 5, 2009

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I first met Larry Lessig at the iSummit ’08 in Sapporo, Japan (where I worked together with the iCommons team). I took several photos during the event and one of Lessig giving the closing speech was selected for the Italian edition of his latest book, Remix, published in September 2009 by ETAS (part RCS-Corriere della Sera).

My photo of Lessig has been remixed

The book doesn’t seem to be available online yet. I will post the direct link for buying it soon.

I met him for the second time in Milan in March 2009 at Meet The Media Guru (event in which I worked as part of the organization team led by Maria Grazia Mattei).

Larry Lessig & Me

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