Since I got my iPhone I’m using less my Moleskine

August 23, 2009

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Since I got my iPhone a couple of months ago, I noticed I started using much less my ubiquitous Moleskine notepad.

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Maybe it’s because the iPhone is now more ubiquitous in my universe than the Moleskine. I used to carry it everywhere in my back pocket but now it stays mostly inside my backpack. I use the “mole” for several different things: I write thoughts and notes on trips, to-do lists and ideas I don’t want to forget. I keep some useful business and restaurant’s cards in it’s pocket and stick flight, transport and museum tickets plus other miscellaneous memorabilia to it’s pages. From time to time I also add a sticker and an instant photo to it. I used it to save concepts for future blog articles and business ideas.

Some of that stuff still goes to the Moleskine (imagine glueing a tram ticket to the iPhone) but most of the to-do lists and blog post ideas have been monopolized by Apple’s phone. With Gmail’s task manager I automatically sync to-do’s online, so that I have a unified list. With WordPress’ App I can jot down blogpost drafts directly online. And if I want to keep track of a restaurant or other place I visited I can add it to my personal Google Maps.

Will I abandon paper for silicon chips? No way! I love writing and drawing with a ball pen on the silky pages. My thoughts are better framed better between the fake leather covers than inside “the cloud“. I like serendipitously browsing through old notes and be transported to past memories by travel tickets I’ve kept.

What does happen is that I consume my notepad much less… and I’m always eager in finishing one to start a brand new one, add stickers to it’s cover and copy useful information (Passport number, contact info, the code I use to tag different notes).

Just an irrelevant thought in a lazy Sunday in Amsterdam.

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