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August 2, 2009

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So finally almost 1 month ago I moved to Amsterdam to work in a very cool international event, PICNIC (more on my work in PICNIC on my blog dedicated to Conference Basics), that will take place next September 23 to 25.

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The office is in the beautiful area of Jordaan, on the Herengracht canal. I also found a nice apartment near to Vondelpark and it takes me hardly 10 minutes on my beautifully decadent dutch bike to go from home to the office.

I’m loving Amsterdam so far. The city is a mix of a cosy fable town with a strong cosmopolitan attitude, framed by canals and a merchant atmosphere… all in a human scale that makes it easy to live in. The fact that the default transport is the bicycle adds to it’s peculiar mood. The temperature is just right during this summer season, not too warm but enough to wear a T-shirt (I’m not sure if I’d enjoy the city so much during winter but I might not be here anyway as this project lasts till mid-October). Rain is not yet an issue, though a light rain is a comon visitor.

Amsterdam looks like the right background for portrait photography, and I hope I’ll do enough of it in my scarce free time (want to model for me? send me an email!).

During the following weeks I’ll try to compile a short “weekend short” guide to Amsterdam, with the places I experience…  my moleskine and iPhone are crowded with notes from my moves here

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