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April 19, 2009

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or several years I have been in charge of startup, marketing and operations of a company in the executive education area that organized conferences with outstanding business speakers and most recently I work as a freelance professional.

I have dealt with speakers like Bill Clinton, Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, Kevin Roberts, Lawrence Lessig, Malcolm Gladwell, Rudy Giuliani and Jack Welch amongst many others but also with lesser known names which where many times much more inspiring than top shots.

Conference Basics website

Having worked in America (USA, Brasil, Argentina), Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain) and Asia (Japan) and taken part of events in many other parts of the World, and after making many of the typical mistakes of the sector and seeing much more being done everywhere else, I decided to share some of the lessons learnt and in particular to dedicate my time to those innovative aspects of conference management that can transform a good event into an outstanding one, hence I have launched

This blog is about the organization and management of conferences, a sector in which I have been working in since the early 2000’s. I write about organization basics, tips and how-to’s, do’s and don’ts, anecdotes, observations from events I participate in, interviews to notable organizers and attendees.

My wish for this blog is to become a place to discuss with you on useful and interesting topics regarding this sector.

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