Writing great titles to get traffic and relevant ads by Robin Good

November 17, 2008

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Robin Good is a successful Italian online publisher that I met a couple of years ago thanks to 7th Floor. He is based in Rome and from there runs several websites like MasterNewMedia and RobinGood TV and shares his knowledge through “his” university: POP. I’ve seen him in action in many events like Barcamps, Pangea Day in Milan and the World Business Forum… a person full of energy and with a strong charisma. At the time that mobile phone video streaming was not yet available or accessible as nowadays (think of QIK), he had created his own streaming tools and moved around with a laptop tied to his back and a videocamera.

I recently watched one of his great webinars entitled “How to Get Traffic and Relevant Ads by Writing Great Titles” and it was illuminating, with straightforward insights and suggestions.

You can watch Robin Good’s tutorial on how to write great titles by clicking on the following image.

Robin Good

Now I understand why one of my blogposts, titled “Camera Cabaret Shop, pornograhpy for photographers” is getting so much hits. Writing articles for several offline magazines, I’m often tempted to use more “creative” or attractive titles, but there is a big difference between a magazine and a rather small difussion blog: once you buy the magazine, the articles are already in there and you find them as you flip through the pages. With my blog there are two main sources of inbound traffic: 1) people that know me or my blog and follow through the RSS feed or through direct access or links posted somewhere else, and 2) people that arrive to this blog by using search engines which index my content, keywords and… of course… titles!

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