Taking Hula Hula photos in Tokyo

November 1, 2008

in japan, photography

When I was first proposed to do a photoshoot of a Hula Hula performer I was a bit skeptical. But after I met Deanne from Tokyo’s Hooplovers my idea of what Hula Hula means changed and it was a lot of fun actually. Deanne dances with 3 rings with colored LEDs that make mind-blogging effects against a dark background in low light. Maybe because of the music, the action in the studio or the fact that Deanne and the other photographers (Tim, Lars, Vladimir and Daniel, the make-up artist) are such interesting characters, I learnt a lot of studio photography tips and tricks (and now I understand why the negatives of my previous photoshoot using film with my good ol’Nikon F3 were ruined… the damn sync speed!).

These are some of my photos from today. Enjoy!

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