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September 24, 2008

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Tokyo is a big city. Tokyo is full of huge malls. Tokyo has plenty of small shops. I love the latter. I like to discover them and get lost amongst crazy and original products.

During my sabbatical, I’m dedicating a lot of time to one of my passions: photography. I’m a gadget geek too, so I like to check out new products. Having more free time also means that I’m back to experimenting a bit more, in particular in the analogue and lo-fi photo worlds.

In the last months I’ve been playing mainly with analog cameras: a fuji instax cheki 50, a Superheadz keyring camera and a Blackbird, fly (BBF135) TLR camera, apart of dusting off my Nikon F3.

bbf 135 blue
small piggy camera

Serendipitously I discovered Camera Cabaret in Shibuya, Tokyo… and it was love at first sight. Not only it is full of great vintage and new products, but the staff is cool and stylish… a DJ plays live to make it even cooler. In fact it has been defined as a  “camera shop for music lovers” by Jun Akaike, manager for international affairs.

Camera Cabaret from Gianfranco Chicco on Vimeo.

These are some pics of this photographic paradise, below a short interview to Jun and a visit to all the products on sale.

Camera Cabaret, Tokyo
Camera Cabaret, Tokyo
Camera Cabaret, Tokyo

If you want to by one of these beauties and you don’t live in Japan or haven’t got a local dealer, drop me a line and we will work something out.

edit: address of Camera Cabaret in Shibuya, Tokyo

edit2: check out Cameron’s The Plastic Lens” blog for a Blackbird, fly 135 tutorial

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