Muji is bigger here… (in Japan)

August 27, 2008

in japan, sabbatical

I had to come to Japan to be immersed completely in the Muji experience, one of my lovemarks. Muji is already a well known global brand and  the typical anecdote is that it’s name comes from “Mujirushi Ryōhin” (無印良品) meaning “No Brand Quality Goods” (check out the Wikipedia article).

From their website: “The Company’s basic principle is to develop new simple products at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while considering environmental issues.”


So today I was in Osaka, near Namba station, and needed some envelopes for sending a bunch of self-made postcards. I love Muji’s stationery and while walking back home I ran into a big store. Back in Milan we had  at the most two (small) storied shops with a limited selection of products and here I was in front of four huge  stories with all of them. I was tempted to buy more notebooks and pens and other useful travel accessories but I managed to limit myself to the essential.

What positively surprised me was the basement, dedicated to food. There was a relatively big self-service restaurant and shelves with a lot of healthy and curious products, always faithful to the “no brand” policy. Of course I did touch almost everything there but I couldn’t believe it when I found Muji Wine in single glass servings (see pics).


I guess that the quality of this wine is good too! I was tempted to try it but I’m on antibiotics so no alcohol for some time, and in a few days I have to catch a shinkansen to Hiroshima, so it was not practical to carry a glass with me.

Further reading: Kevin Roberts on Muji being a Lovemark.

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