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June 22, 2008

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… sayonara Milan!All my stuff in a 3 m2 deposit

It was not easy though. First of all I had to leave my apartment. For this I decided to sell, throw and give away a lot of stuff and store the remaining things in a 3 m2 deposit.

The rest was rather simpler to program. An open ticket to Japan and a 2 night reservation in Tokyo hotel.

Flying from Milan’s Linate airport to Heathrow T5 turned out rather complicated. First of all, due to a failure on the air conditioning and a further failure on some unidentified system, the plane did not take off and we were kept closed inside for more than an hour (temperature quickly rose above 33 °C!). After getting down from the plane so that it could be serviced, we finally re-boarded and departed with a 3 hour delay. This made me lose my connection flight.

I really can’t blame British Airways as this kind of things happen from time to time. What I do miss is that I didn’t have the opportunity to appropriately visit the new Heathrow Terminal 5, which I was curious to explore after all the fanfare about it on the media. BA people quickly and effectively booked me on an ANA flight 4 hours later but from T3, a much less exciting place. I got no seat upgrade, which I would have appreciated and would have guaranteed my future faithfulness to BA (there were plenty of free seats in business and first class). The failure of the air conditioning system and the excessive heat that built up inside the cabin made that the flight’s catering resources got spoiled, so we had nothing to chew. Once at Heathrow I did EAT.

Eat. at Heathrow T3

The ANA flight was ok, not too crowded and with good service (hungarian goulash for dinner and two movies to make the 11 hour trip lighter: Vantage Point and Jumper).

Once arrived at Narita Airport, the whole passport & customs experience was no frills. I also managed to change some Euro to Yen and then take a Limousine bus (don’t let the name trick you, it’s just a normal shuttle service) to the Hyatt in Roppongi, from where I took a taxi to my final destination: the b Akasaka hotel. BTW: this is not an expensive hotel, specially if you book and pay online. It also has a SPA that I might try before leaving for a more practical lodging for a several week stay. I forgot to rent a cell phone, and it seems I won’t find a shop for that in the city.

So the adventure begins…

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