Off Beat Guide’s great concept for travellers…

June 3, 2008

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a great idea, with huge potential for hard-core travellers as myself (in particular now that I’m on a travel sabbatical)… hope to see it arround the world soon and with lots of other features!

Official site (in private beta): Offbeat Guides
I found this through Joi Ito’s blog

some of the suggestions (actually want-to-see features) I left on their blog

– While I think that simplicity is one of the key points, for hard travellers it could be useful to add some other optional questions to taylor the guide more to their interests. eg: you like martial arts? go to this school to practice your Aikido. You like photography? check out these exhibitions. Are you vegan? these are the right places….

– Some other cool features could be adding a “blank” area where the user can paste some stuff found online related to the trip and then have it printed (I know, copyright sensitive). But it would be pretty helpful…

– Similar to the above, scan my address book (gmail, facebook, whatever) and list the contacts that live in that city with their phone/address, etc

– Photos: add some CC or something like this photos of keypoints from the places I’ll be visiting (schmap guides makes something like this)

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