Italy plays Tibet

April 29, 2008

in music, video

In this strange period of “pre-sabbatical”, I’m doing a lot of interesting things… Last weekend, national holiday in Italy, we made a videoclip with an italian band (Ottavo Richter) that plays the Tibetan anthem. This is part of the “friends of Pangea Day Milano” initiative I’m part of, in which a country plays the anthem of another (eg. UK plays Argentina).

What a more intimate thing than the anthem of a country? Pangea Day wants to unite people, through film but not only.

The video was made with the Pangea Day Milano team (MGM Digital Communication, Maria Grazia, Cristinaand me), Stalker Video (Francesco and Daniele), Macchinazioni Teatrali (Franco and Barbara), Regia (Tommi), AiEP (Claudio), Benedetta and Andrea.

watch the video:

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